Current Operating Scenario

EnterpriseAirwaysA customer can make a reservation by contacting us directly, using a travel agent, or booking a flight on our Web site. We do not yet have the ability to sell tickets through any of the online travel sites. A reservation will be held for 24 hours unless it is ticketed. A ‘ticketed’ reservation is one that is paid for. We issue electronic tickets.

When checking in at the airport, a customer receives a boarding pass with the seat assignment. He or she may also check baggage. We have a separate system to track checked baggage. Unfortunately, it is not well integrated with the reservations system.
If a flight is cancelled, we attempt to rebook the passengers on the next flight. That’s a manual process as we do not have an automated means of handling rebookings.

The number of seats available on a flight reflects only those reservations that have been ticketed. There could be – and usually are – many more unticketed reservations. Customers often find that they are unable to buy a ticket for a reservation that they have already made. This makes for unhappy customers. The source of this problem is not known.

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