Application Data Exchange Matrix

ea3-sysEA3 artifact A4 Application Data Exchange Matrix

The Application Data Exchange Matrix uses a table format to show which systems exchange particular types of data in LOBs.

The Data Exchange Matrix describes, in tabular format, data exchanges between systems within a systems node and across systems nodes. The focus of the Data Exchange Matrix is on how the data exchanges actually are (or will be) implemented, in system-specific details covering such characteristics as specific protocols and data or media formats. These aspects of exchanges, while difficult to document, are critical to understanding the potential for overhead and security constraints introduced by the physical aspects of the implementation. The Application Data Exchange Matrix relates to, and grows out of, the Information Exchange Matrix. That is, the automated portion(s) of each information exchange in the Information Exchange Matrix is associated with the system interface that carries the corresponding system data in the System Interface Description. The business characteristics for the information exchange are replaced with the corresponding system data exchange characteristics. For example, performance attributes for the business information exchanges are replaced by the actual system performance attributes for the automated portion(s) of the information exchange. Automation may introduce characteristics that are not intrinsic to the business information exchange.


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