Business Process/Product Matrix

ea3-businessActivity/Product Matrix

The Business Activity & Product Matrix maps the lifecycle of revenue-producing products to various lines of business throughout the enterprise. This matrix highlights who owns business processes and products, as well as the extent of supply chains.


The Activity/Product Matrix maps the lifecycle of each revenue-producing product that the enterprise produces to the line(s) of business that support one or more phases of the product lifecycle. This matrix allows the enterprise to see where the vertical and horizontal (cross-cutting) business product activities are located, as well as to help define ownership of those processes. The B-5 Activity/Product Matrix can then be used with various Data & Information level artifacts (e.g. D-7 Activity/Entity Matrix) to further map the product lifecycle to requirements for data across the enterprise.


The product lifecycle illustrated in this example has five sequential stages (research and development, manufacturing, warehouse storage, sales/distribution, and servicing) and two parallel administrative functions (financials and legal). Product lifecycles are different within most enterprises, and adjustments to the B-5 matrix should be made accordingly.

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