Physical Data Model


EA3 artifact D-5: Physical Data Model

The Physical Data Model (PDM) is used to describe how the information represented in the Logical Data Model is actually implemented in an information system. There should be a mapping from a given Logical Data Model to the PDM. The PDM is a composite model whose components can vary greatly, as shown in the template below. For some purposes, an entity-relationship style diagram of the physical database design will suffice. The Data Definition Language may also be used in the cases where shared databases are used to integrate systems.

Physical Data Model Provides
Message Format:

  • Standards Reference
  • Message Type(s)
  • Message Fields with Representation
  • Map from the Logical Data Model to the Message Fields

File Structure:

  • Standards Reference
  • Record and File Descriptions
  • Map from Logical Interface Model to Record Fields

Physical Schema:

  • DDL or ERA Notification with sufficient detail to generate the schema
  • Map from the Logical Data Model to the Physical Data Model with Rationale

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