Governance Role

The GovernanceRole is used in a GovernanceWorkflow to specify who can do a transition, edit the object (on the web), add a comment/nonconformance, etc.

Short Description: Here you give a short description of the GovernanceRole. This should be able to give the reader an overview of the role.

Disable role appearance in additional participants: This will define if the GovernanceRole can be used to define additional participants on an object level. Additional participants can be added on the Governance / Status tab on an object under governance, see example below.

Actors: Specific objects (Person, Position, OrganizationUnit, InterestGroup) can be inserted (if the object does not contains/break down to a local or AD user they cannot be an actor)

Metamodel reference: Reference to an attribute on the object containing a Person object or any object breaking down to a Person object. The Person object will be considered as participant. You can click “Get Options” to get a list of metamodel references. Chained references are supported, e.g. Concerns->HasResponsible


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