Cloud Services

This Meta Model customization has been created with the aim to embrace various Cloud Services providers’ solutions. In this customization, cloud services are “first” provider agnostic (they appear as “green cloud” symbols), but at time the provider is defined for a “Cloud Architecture Diagram”, the symbols in the diagram adapt their appearance to the corresponding symbol of the provider, as characterized along categories and instances defined for this provider.

The providers that QualiWare currently support are:

Using the Cloud Services Meta Model

The goal in using this Meta Model, is not only to describe and manage the cloud architecture knowledge, but also to relate the described and modeled cloud services elements to the Enterprise Architecture elements which have been defined, described, modeled prior to define the operational cloud implementation.

The guidance provided below is based on a set of use cases which aim at defining, describing and modeling a “Cloud Architecture Diagram”, and the embedded “Groupings”, Services and Flows, as well as managing the reference relationships to Enterprise Architecture elements.

Defining a “Cloud Architecture Diagram”

The QLM user creates a new “CloudArchitectureDiagram” the same way as for any other diagram he/she is used with. Then by opening this diagram for the first time, the user is asked to associate it to the Cloud Provider as on the image.

This is explained in our Cloud Architecture Diagram