2nd Enterprise Design Retreat

On 5-7 October 2015, eda.c and QualiWare will arrange the 2nd Enterprise Design Retreat at Héraðsskólinn in Iceland. Following our first edition two years ago in Barcelona, we will continue to jointly shape the emerging field of Enterprise Design and exchange among leading practitioners of Enterprise and Business Architecture, Customer and User Experience, and Design Thinking and practice.

The retreat is open for registration, but has a limited number of seats.

Day 1: Enterprise Transformation
Transforming complex organizations is a shared challenge among Enterprise Design practitioners. We will explore how to develop a holistic view on the enterprise as an intertwined entity of social dynamics, hard and soft structures, and employee experience. Topics include:

  • Employee Experience
  • Political-Cultural Change Initiatives
  • Top Activities, Tasks and Tools
  • Digital Workplace and Social Enterprise

Day 2: Enterprise Modelling
In order to look at enterprise ecosystems including internal and external perspectives, we need to create multiple models from different viewpoints, looking at a variety of aspects. On day 2 we will look into modelling techniques and activities, addressing topics such as:

  • The Modelling Journey
  • Killer Models and Techniques
  • Modelling Languages and Standards
  • Complexity and Systems Thinking

Day 3: Enterprise Innovation
To have impact on the future of enterprises and their interactions with key actors, Enterprise Design must go beyond mere optimization of the already existing. On the last day we will focus on enterprise innovation, rapid and entrepreneurial design, and reshaping brands and customer experiences through dynamic approaches:

  • Brand and Customer Experience
  • Design Sprints, Lean+Agile Design Thinking and practice
  • Entre-/Intrapreneurship
  • Generative/Algorithmic Systems and Platforms

Included in the program is a sightseeing tour of The Golden Circle.


The cost of participation is € 400 which includes the complete 3 day program, lunches, dinners, sightseeing tour and airport transport. Accommodation on site costs about € 70/night. Make your reservation with us for best rates. Get in touch with Edward Hansen from QualiWare for more information.