A Trip to Automation Valley

QualiWare and 17 other member companies of Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE) went on an Industrie 4.0 study trip to Automation Valley in North Bavaria last week. The trip was arranged by MADE together with the local chamber of commerce and industry and the Royal Danish Consulate General in München. The Digital Factory Siemens, one of Germany’s largest companies and the largest … Read more

Architecting the Digital Hospital

More than 10 billion Euros will be spent on 16 new hospital construction projects in Denmark. One of the larger projects, dubbed a "super-hospital," is in Odense, where the budget is 1.3 billion Euros. The New Odense University Hospital (Nyt OUH) will be approximately 250.000 m2 and is scheduled to be ready in 2022. It will become the largest ... Read more

Ten notable books from 2015

One of my routines around New Year is to look back at the books brought to the market in the last year that caught my attention. In this blog post, I will share my thoughts about the ten most notable books of the year. Notable 2015 additions to the enterprise architect’s bookshelf: Business Architecture Management: … Read more

Enterprise Architecture Trends 2015

I’m looking forward to speaking about trends in enterprise architecture at the EA2015 conference on 4 November in Copenhagen. Having spoken at this annual conference over the past several years, it is my annual “state-of-the-union” address to the Danish EA community. This year, I will talk about several trends and issues. The outline of the lecture looks like this: The … Read more