Front Office Systems



Services &
Functions Main Data Products
Marketing Management System Marketing Admin Schedules, budgets, forecast, pricing Existing System
Campaign Execution customer data, product data Interface to WELLCO
Internet Mgmt Email, web pages  
Sales Application System Call center Customer info WELLCO
Online ordering Purchase orders WELLCO
Products Inventory WELLCO
Tracking Purchase orders WELLCO
Customer service Customer info; ordering; link to tech support WELLCO
Inventory: Products and spec, quantity in inventory Inventory Database WELLCO
Inventory: Product availability Inventory Database WELLCO
Inventory: Out of service Inventory Database WELLCO
Replacements Inventory Database WELLCO

Marketing Management System

The Marketing Management System is made of marketing administration, campaign execution and internet management. The administration component is made of sub components that include scheduling, budgeting, forecasting and approving marketing projects. The second major component, campaign execution, involves sending key messages to prospective customers and a capability that let the users set up campaign sequences and track events. The third component is the integrated internet management component which can automatically generate e-mails to customers that contain unique URLS that are tied to campaigns and track customer responses.

This system also needs an interface to the WELLCO and Cost accounting system for access to product and financial data.

Sales Application System

The Sales Application System has two major components, sales and inventory. A call center is also staffed to take customer calls that can order products directly from the company, provide status of existing orders or direct a customer to product support for general questions or technical support. The same services are available through a web site for customers and sales representatives. Sales representatives are also able to access in real time price and product inventory for making price quotes to customers. Sales representatives are also able to make accurate predictions of when inventory will be replenished to meet sales commitments.

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