HTML Desktop

The HTMLdesktop-template is used to configure the content shown on a desktop on the collaboration platform on the web.

The content on a desktop is composed of HTMLTiles, and it is possible to specify filters for role and configuration.

The HTMLdesktop(s) are published to the web via the HTMLPublisher when they are included on the “Personal Page” tab (see below).  It is also in the publisher where it is possible to set filters for role and configuration for the desktops.

Work Operation

In a manufacturing routing network, the symbol “Work Operation” represents a specific step or task in the manufacturing process that is required to produce a particular product. This symbol is typically used to show the detailed sequence of operations that are involved in creating a product, from raw materials to finished goods. A work operation can represent a wide variety of activities, such as assembly, machining, inspection, testing, or packaging, and is often associated with a specific machine, tool, or piece of equipment. Overall, the Work Operation symbol is a critical component of a manufacturing routing network, as it helps to ensure that the manufacturing process is well-organized, efficient, and can be easily understood by all stakeholders involved in the process.

Work Center

Description of this template will be available soon.


Description of this template will be available soon.


A weakness refers to a negative aspect of a process, workflow, or journey that hinders its success. It is a characteristic or attribute that creates obstacles and challenges that need to be addressed. For example, in a customer journey map, a weakness might refer to the poor navigation of a website or the long wait times for customer service. In a process map, a weakness might refer to the inefficiency or unreliability of a particular stage in the process.