HTML Model Generator Settings

The HTML Model Generator Settings template is used to configure the table to model feature introduced in the web-modeler in QualiWare 10.8.

In the HTML Model Generator Settings you can configure the table-to-model settings and make them available for selected diagrams in the web-modeler.

  • Settings target: default value is “Table-to-Model”
  • Visual name: The text inserted here will be visual in the web-modeler
  • In Diagram type field, you can select between different Diagram types:
  • Use for templates: Here you select in which template(s) the Model Generator Settings should be available under “Import from Table” in the web-model
  • Setting content: Here you define the:
    • Column: Column Headers in the table in the web-modeler,
    • Default template: The template type of the inserted object
    • Change template:
      • false: the template type is locked and cannot be changed by the user
      • true: the template type can be changed, and an additional column is inserted right to the Column, where the user can change between the available template types defined by the underlying metamodel for the diagram type.

Below is an example of where Box in a Box is selected as Diagram type:

Below is an example of how the “Box in a box” settings works in the web-modeler for the Business Capability Model diagram:

In order to be able to access and generate models in the WebModeler, the HTMLModelGeneratorSettings objects needs to added to the HTMLPublisher and/or to the HTMLTemplateDefinition for the specific diagram Template.

The Model Generator Settings is setup through the HTMLPublisher’s Smart Capture Settings tab:

You can insert the HTMLModelGeneratorSettings in the HTMLTemplateDefinition for the specific diagram on the Smart Capture tab (or select the “Inherit default settings” to inherit from the HTMLPublisher.

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