EA3 and Common Approach artifacts

EA3 version 2.0 is fully compliant with the Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture and the FEAF-II artifacts.

 EA3 2.0 Common Approach
S-1 Concept Overview Concept Overview
S-2 Strategic Plan Strategic Plan
S-3 Concept of Operations Scenarios Concept of Operations Scenarios
S-4 SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis
S-5 Performance Measures Scorecard Performance Measures Scorecard
B-1 Business Process Diagram (core) Business Process Diagram (core)
B-1.1 Business Process/Product Matrix
B-2 Business Operating Plan Business Operating Plan
B-2.1 Node Connectivity Diagram
B-3 Business Service Catalog Business Service Catalog
B-4 Organization Chart Organization Chart
B-5 Use Case Narrative and Diagram Use Case Narrative and Diagram
B-6 Business Case / Alternatives Analysis Business Case / Alternatives Analysis
D-1 Logical Data Model (core) Logical Data Model (core)
D-2 Knowledge Management Plan* Knowledge Management Plan*
D-3 Data Quality Plan Data Quality Plan
D-1.1 Information Exchange Matrix
D-4 Data Flow Diagram Data Flow Diagram
D-5 Physical Data Model Physical Data Model
D-6 CRUD Matrix CRUD Matrix
D-7 State-Transition Diagram State-Transition Diagram
D-8 Event Sequence Diagram Event Sequence Diagram
D-9 Data Dictionary Data Dictionary
D-10 Object Library Object Library
A-1 Application Interface Diagram (core) Application Interface Diagram (core)
A-2 Application Communication Diagram Application Communication Diagram
A-2.1 System Data Flow Diagram
A-2.2 System/Operations Matrix
A-3 Application Interface Matrix Application Interface Matrix
A-4 Application Data Exchange Matrix Application Data Exchange Matrix
A-5 Application Service Matrix Application Service Matrix
A-6 Application Performance Matrix Application Performance Matrix
A-7 System/Application Evolution Diagram System/Application Evolution Diagram
A-8 Enterprise Service Bus Diagram Enterprise Service Bus Diagram
A-9 Application Maintenance Procedure Application Maintenance Procedure
A-10 Application Inventory Application Inventory
A-11 Software License Inventory Software License Inventory
I-1 Network Diagram (core) Network Diagram (core)
I-2 Hosting Concept of Operations Hosting Concept of Operations
I-3 Technical Standards Profile Technical Standards Profile
I-4 Technology Forecast Technology Forecast
I-5 Cable Plant Diagram Cable Plant Diagram
I-6 Wireless Connectivity Diagram Wireless Connectivity Diagram
I-7 Rack Elevation Diagrams (front and back) Rack Elevation Diagrams (front and back)
I-8 Data Center/Server Room Diagram Data Center/Server Room Diagram
I-9 Wiring Closet Diagram Wiring Closet Diagram
I-10 Point of Presence Diagram Point of Presence Diagram
I-11 Asset Inventory Asset Inventory
I-12 Facility Blueprints Facility Blueprints
SP-1 Security Controls Catalog (core) Security Controls Catalog (core)
SP-2 Security and Privacy Plan Security and Privacy Plan
SP-3 Certification & Accreditation Documentation Certification & Accreditation Documentation
SP-4 Continuous Monitoring Procedures Continuous Monitoring Procedures
SP-5 Disaster Recovery Plan Disaster Recovery Plan
SP-6 Continuity of Operations Plan Continuity of Operations Plan

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