Webinar on Design Sprints

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On 13 December 3pm CET, Milan Guenther will give a free webinar on Design Sprints and empowering your intrapreneurs for rapid innovation.

milanThe role of a change agent in an enterprise is no easy one. Even with the right entrepreneurial spirits in your teams, politics, silos, established cultural traits and operational challenges get in the way. This has led many enterprises to try a different way. Diving into intrapreneurship programs employing lean and agile approaches, organizations are attempting to catch up with the startup world.

The ideas of working in rapid iterative sprints and avoiding waste have proven vital to overcome the natural inertia of organizations. The Design Sprint was originally developed at Google Ventures with Silicon Valley pioneers. It is a rapid innovation workshop format that aims to tackle problems for teams of any size, validating the challenge and potential solutions before investing into their realization.

Milan Guenther

In this webinar, Milan will introduce Enterprise Design Sprints, a variant of the original tool developed working with the likes of Google, SAP and Toyota. It is designed specifically to get innovation initiatives up to speed, mapping complexity rather than ignoring it, and triggering transformation dynamics. Find out more about the Enterprise Design Sprint methodology and download the free Sprint Canvas here.

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Milan Guenther is managing partner at eda.c, a strategic design consultancy, and Google certified Design Sprint Master. He is the author of INTERSECTION, a book introducing the enterprise design approach for holistic design in complex enterprises, and organising the INTERSECTION conference series about strategic enterprise design. Milan works with organisations like SAP, Boeing, Toyota and the UN, as well as smaller organisations and start-up companies. He has been a designer and architect for over 12 years. Before co-founding eda.c, he worked as a freelance UX strategist and launched a social software startup.

Webinar Series on Enterprise Design

At the recent Gartner EA Summit in London, John Gøtze made a presentation on Architecting for Business Outcomes: Enterprise Design Meets Enterprise Architecture. QualiWare arranges a series of webinars on the themes of that talk:

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Date: 19th of June
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A demonstration of QualiWare Roadmaps
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Date: 1st of July
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