Do audits

An audit is basically a control of your organization’s everyday operations against documented operations, processes, and activities. QualiWare helps you find the specific documentation you wish to audit and subsequently report what’s not following approved processes and how improvements can be made. After having executed the audit you must conclude and make a final audit report.

An audit program is an overall action plan that contains several individual audits. It documents what internal processes you must follow to validate that your organization is compliant with regulations.

In QualiWare, ‘Plan your audit program’ is used to group audits. Once you created one or more audits inside an audit program you can add processes or other objects from the repository.

Create an Audit Program

Add an Audit to the program

Edit Audit, set targets and send to Announcement

Send Audit to execution phase

Following execution of an audit, report what’s not following approved processes (report a non-conformance) and tell how improvements can be made (report a change request).

After non-conformances and change requests are documented and assigned to responsible, the audit may be verified and closed, finishing the audit.

Closed audits contain vital information that often must be shared with both people outside the organization and colleagues who cannot access QualiWare. That’s why QualiWare allows you to generate a printed report that contains all of the audit’s information in full text.

Register non-conformances and change requests from Audit

Verify and close an Audit

Generate report for an Audit