Process GRC Overview

As a compliance manager overseeing a management system, it’s crucial to maintain an overview of its content. This includes understanding which processes are available, approved, and validated, as well as knowing who is responsible for each process.

Two lists of processes are available from the standard Process menu. The lists are structured in a similar way, but differs in the scope.

  • The first list contains all the business process networks in the repository,


  • the 2nd list includes all process related diagrams, i.e. includes all workflow diagrams and Business Process Diagrams as well.






The lists displays “Positions” as process owner and responsible, and shows the person holding the position, as well as Termination Date (if available) of the person.

The overviews provide a comprehensive status of all the processes and can be used to monitor their statuses:

  • What governance state is the process in (it is approved or under development)?
  • is the process still valid?
  • does the process have an assigned position as process owner and process responsible.
  • does the position have a position holder.
  • and is the person still employed, or will he/she leave the company soon?

If the termination date has passed the cell will be colored red.