Compliance Desktop

The Compliance desktop in QualiWare provides the user with fast access to all essential features related to building and maintaining a compliance system.

From the compliance desktop the user has access to:

  • a tile with “Quick search” to most relevant compliance objects
  • the personal tiles providing easy access to the users collaboration objects in the repository
  • a set of comprehensive queries/lists with all:
    • Change Requests
    • Audit Programs
    • Audits
    • Non-Conformanicies
    • Corrective Actions
    • Complaints
  • list of Regulations diagrams and Requirements models in the repository, and in-depth analysis of their compliance and gaps
  • a new set of statistics charts showing the distribution of the different types of process diagrams, audit, non-conformancies, and change requests according to their governance status.

Compliance enhancements

QualiWare 10.4.2

The Compliance Desktop included in QualiWare 10.4.2 is explained in further details here as well as in this video:

QualiWare 10.8

In addition to the new statistics charts on the Compliance Desktop, QualiWare 10.8 also included a new set of compliance-relevant lists in the left menu, under “Process”, read more about it here.