Manage Audits

The query shows all audits in the repository, including their key properties. From this point, new audits can be created, and existing ones can be analyzed and edited.

The Manage Audits list is available from the tile on the Compliance Desktop.


The list can also be accessed from the left-menu under Compliance.












If you click an audit you get more details of each audit, based upon the QualityAudit-Template.

Below is the standard view, showing key properties of a specific audit, including which audit program it is part of, its status, participants (auditor(s) and auditee(s)), target processes and regulations, and associated findings (Non-Conformance(s) and Change Request(s)).

When you edit the audit you can add more details to the audit:

From this dialog you can add details to the audit including creating audit findings (Non-Conformance, Change-Requests) and progress the audit through the governance phases.

Above is the standard GovernanceWorkflow for audit management shown, this flow can be adjusted if needed, see the GovernanceWorkflow for more details.

An audit can be a part of an Audit-Program, see Manage Audit Programs for more details.