Handle risks

No more surprises: Identify, grade and prioritize the risks facing your organization in a structured manner.

Define potential risks and document them in a structured way. Set the likelihood and significance of the risk and thereby to determine the overall risk facing your organization. QualiWare offers an approach that allows you to compare which risks actually pose a risk to your organization.

When a Diagram is in its development phase, you can add risks to it using the tools on the web.

Document a risk from diagram

  1. Navigate to the Private Workspace webpage using the wrench icon in the upper left corner
  2. Navigate to ‘Development’ in the Topbar
  3. Choose ‘Development’ to get a page showing all the objects governed in the development state
  4. You can sort the page using the ‘Set Filters’ button and sort by for example name or date
  5. Choose the diagram you want to add a risk to and open it
  6. Click on ‘create risk’ above the diagram or for a specific activity
  7. Fill out the Property form including name, short description, likelihood and significance
  8. Finish up and close the Property form by clicking ‘OK’

Edit risk

  1. Navigate to ‘Process’ in the Top Menu.
  2. Click on ‘Risks’
  3. Choose the risk you want to edit – you can sort the view using the ‘Set Filters’ button and sort by for example name or date.
  4. Click on ‘Edit’
  5. Edit the information as desired in the Property form- there are several tabs with different types of information available to edit.
  6. When finished editing, click OK

Once risks are created in QualiWare you got the documentation and overview needed for prioritizing these risks. Now it’s time to decide which risks to accept and which to react upon. This is done by putting risks in context by visualizing in a heatmap. The heatmap offers an intuitive way of identifying which risks you must handle later on.

View Risk

View Heatmap

View risk tab on diagram

Once risks are documented and visualized you can decide which risks most urgently need your attention. To handle risks, you must introduce specific control activities which will reduce the likelihood of that risk being triggered. Control activities are an integrated part of the QualiWare workflow.

Edit Risk to set residual