QualiWare Conference Coming Up

On 5-6 May, at Axelborg in Copenhagen, we hold the QualiWare user community’s annual gathering. The two days are packed with keynotes, thematic sessions, and customer cases. And a game.

We have four keynotes:

We also have a wide range of sessions and workshops, and several customer cases including Maersk Oil, SOS, OMV, SDC, ATP, and Apply Sørco. See the full program here.

Seats are still available, and you can register here.


Enterprise Investment

Chris Potts’ Enterprise Investment approach is described in the EIPMM Overview:

The Enterprise Investment Value Chain:


The value proposition for Enterprise Investment is:

Achieving your goals for both structure and value, as risk-efficiently as possible.

The core tactic is;

Diversify your investments until no more diversity improves their risk-efficiency.

Enterprise Investment is about finding a balance between stability and change, predictabilities and probabilities, so goals are turned into outcomes:


It is the Enterprise Investment Process, also called IIEE for Innovate, Invest, Execute, Exploit, that turns ideas and goals into outcomes:


Meet Chris Potts

Chris is a popular speaker at conferences and seminars around the world. Here are one of his keynotes:

Chris Potts has explained his approach in his trilogy of business novels.