Enterprise Architecture Trends 2015

I’m looking forward to speaking about trends in enterprise architecture at the EA2015 conference on 4 November in Copenhagen. Having spoken at this annual conference over the past several years, it is my annual “state-of-the-union” address to the Danish EA community.

This year, I will talk about several trends and issues. The outline of the lecture looks like this:

  1. The current state of #EntArch
  2. So, is there a problem?
  3. “The only thing that’s changed, is everything”
  4. EA scholary analysis
  5. EA scope creep
  6. Gartnertology
  7. We’re not in Kansas anymore
  8. Enterprise Investment
  9. Enterprise Design
  10. Suggestions

You can get my slides here, but most of them are not very informative on their own.

Although I use different evidence, many of my points are also expressed in my crossroads blog post and article. But I will also bring up several other points. I’ve even invented a new word: Gartnertology. This I use to describe how Gartner is becoming something akin to a religious cult.

I will of course here refer to Kuno Brodersen’s recent blog post about Gartner’s tool assessment practice, but will focus more on Gartner’s recent messages about digital business, and discuss these. And then rather quickly move on to something more interesting, including enterprise investment and enterprise design.

All in all, a lot of content for a 45 minutes lecture. So participants will be told to fasten their seat-belts.

Enterprise Investment Certification Course


Mastering Enterprise Investment Practitioner Certification Course

How good is your enterprise at delivering value through change?

This intensive three-day course developed and delivered by Chris Potts provides a comprehensive exploration of the strategy, key principles and techniques for success at Enterprise Investment.

By combining Enterprise Architecture and Investment Portfolio Management into one highly-influential leadership strategy, Enterprise Investment can deliver much more than the sum of these two individual disciplines.

It concludes with an examination on the syllabus it has covered, providing successful delegates with a Practitioner Certificate in Strategies for Enterprise Investment.

The next course is held in Farum, Denmark, on 23-25 November 2015.

BPM Professional Certification Training

Launch in Denmark: 2-6 November 2015 in Farum.

bptrendsSmLogoBPM Professional Certificate

Complete 40 hours of coursework (3 courses, 5 days) to earn your business process management professional certificate and gain the practical tools and background required to work on a team of BPM Process professionals.

IIBA Endorsment The BPTA Professional Certificate Program is aligned with the International Association of Business Analysis (IIBA®) Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® V2.0) and is endorsed by the IIBA. 


Strategic Enterprise Design seminar in Denmark

Join the Strategic Enterprise Design seminar and workshop with Milan Guenther and Benjamin Falke on 26-27 October 2015 in Denmark.

Enterprise/Business Architects and other change agents in the enterprise are challenged to deliver increased impact and value. This intense two day seminar and workshop prepares delegates to go beyond mapping current complexity and taking incremental steps ahead.

The Enterprise Design Framework allows bridging strategic intent with tangible results, and making strategic design thinking and practice work with the complexity and ambiguity of enterprise environments.

Read more about the Strategic Enterprise Design seminar and workshop with Milan Guenther and Benjamin Falke in Farum on 26-27 October 2015.

Become a Certified Enterprise Architect

cmuThe Carnegie Mellon University Certified Enterprise Architect Program is one of QualiWare Academy‘s core certification  offerings.

Currently offerings include:



  • EA Fundamentals, tba
  • EA Applied, tba
  • EA Advanced, tba



QualiWare Conference Coming Up

On 5-6 May, at Axelborg in Copenhagen, we hold the QualiWare user community’s annual gathering. The two days are packed with keynotes, thematic sessions, and customer cases. And a game.

We have four keynotes:

We also have a wide range of sessions and workshops, and several customer cases including Maersk Oil, SOS, OMV, SDC, ATP, and Apply Sørco. See the full program here.

Seats are still available, and you can register here.


QualiWare international conference 2015

The conference is packed with workshops, keynotes and customer presentations covering the fields of enterprise architecture, business transformation, and compliance.

As you know, QualiWare wants to be your preferred platform when you do enterprise architecture, process improvement, compliance management, application portfolio management, business transformation, and more. The conference program has therefore been designed to offer something for all our customer segments.

Customer cases include Maersk Oil with enterprise architecture in a highly regulated market, ATP and their 15 years of transformation using QualiWare, SOS International, and OMV with their approach to enterprise architecture.

As always, we in QualiWare strive to help you deliver value through positive change. We have invited some world-class speakers on key trends in this comprehensive field, and would like to introduce you to our related offerings for enterprise design, business transformation, capability modelling, and enterprise investment.

Join us, learn, and get new inspiration from other QualiWare customers’ experiences.

The conference is also an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other users of QualiWare’s software and services.

View the conference page here.

View the full program here.

Register here.

The Annual Digitalization Reunion

QualiWare Center of Excellence has Booth 1 at the annual Danish Government Digitalization Conference (#offdig) in Aarhus on 24-25 March.

Rune Brodersen and John Gøtze will be available at the booth both days, so feel free to drop by for a chat. Or for a demo of some of our new offerings:

  • Archimate
  • Capability models
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Enterprise Investment, investing in change and business transformation
  • The Decision Model and DMN

We also have chocolate 🙂



Courses and Other Events

QualiWare Academy offers a range of courses and other events.

Get an overview of these by clicking on Events in the top menu where-ever you are on our site. In this section, you can look up events after calendarlocation, or poster. More events will be added as they are planned and announced.

In 2015, we kicked off with our new certification in Enterprise Investment developed and held by Chris Potts. This will run again soon.

We are also rolling out a stream of Carnegie Mellon University CEA certifications. We are offering the program in Denmark and Norway, and just finished a series in Greenland. More locations are coming soon.