Purpose: The purpose of the Dashboard template is to publish selections of Business Charts targeting different stakeholders. It should be used to gather a series of relevant or connected Business Charts to provide a dashboard-like overview.

Core concerns: The Dashboard template enables you to gather Business Charts, Key Performance Indicators, Performance Indicators and General Concepts to create stakeholder specific views of analyzed data. For example, an Enterprise Architect could find a Dashboard containing Business Charts relevant to the usage and governance of the Enterprise Architecture useful.

Below, you can see examples of different Dashboards presenting an array of Business Charts:




Relation to other templates: The Dashboard template is closely connected to the Business Chart template, as the Dashboard publishes the charts the Business Chart template generates.

Properties and metadata: The Dashboard can for example retain the following information:

  • A description of the Dashboard
  • Link to the owner of the Dashboard
  • Link to the one responsible for the Dashboard
  • Audits (auto generated information regarding its current state and access rights)
  • Associated documents, diagrams and other objects
  • Inherent Risk detailing risk considerations
  • Governance information detailing information about the published diagram and who has been involved in the approval of the diagram

The above picture shows the properties dialogue window for the Dashboard template where you can view and edit the dashboard’s properties in QualiWare Lifecycle Manager.

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